Meditation Teacher and Mind.Spirit.Soul Coach Shawna Thibodeau Presents

Next program start: Monday February 3, 2020


Meditation Teacher and Mind.Spirit.Soul Coach Shawna Thibodeau Presents

Next program start: 
Monday February 3, 2020

Tired of feeling stressed, anxious and negative?

And finally ready to start shifting 
and stepping into your power?!

I hear ya girl!

I've been there.

Having a strong family history of anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours, I began struggling with my mood and negative mind states when I was 14 years old.

As it continued into my 20's, I truly hated how depression, anxiety and negativity were affecting my life.

I tell ya... at my lowest...frequent crying, days in bed, constant negative thinking and anxiety while even talking to others was not the life for me.

I found I was seeking out happiness and fulfillment through things I knew weren't truly serving me - men, relationships, food, drinking, distractions.

And I also knew that low self-esteem, limiting beliefs and self-doubts were keeping me from reaching my true desires and goals.

I decided I needed to take more self-responsibility for my mental and emotional well-being...

and I set out on a mission to learn how I could better work with my mind and emotions and take more control of the direction of my life.

10 years later, through my own journey of finding and practicing different healing strategies and through dedicated, committed practice,

I have learned to work with depression, anxiety and challenging emotions in an effective, enlightening AND rewarding way.  

Having found strategies that immensely helped myself, I became a mental health nurse, meditation teacher and women's coach, 

and became super passionate about helping other women navigate their own mental, emotional and stressful life challenges.

I've learned that these things DO NOT have to prevent you from living a life you TRULY desire. 

If you learn specific skills and practices, you can better work through challenges and over time, completely transform your inner and outer worlds.

I did it...and so can you!

What's also been awesome is that not only did these practices get me out of a life dictated by anxiety, depression and negativity...

as I continue to apply these skills, they now help me thrive and reach my goals in the area of entrepreneurship, leadership and serving others.

The magic of this knowledge just keeps on giving!

My online group coaching program, Radiant Mind Academy, includes all the teachings, wisdom and healing practices that got me out of the loops of depression and anxiety and into a life of greater inner peace, love, passion, success and fulfillment. 

With our work together, you'll learn lifelong tools to more effectively work with thoughts, emotions and life's challenges and to heal and shift into living as your best self!


  • You struggle with negative inner chatter 
  • You feel stressed or overwhelmed with life
  • You feel stuck in unhealthy behaviours and thought patterns
  • You want to become a better version of yourself for you and your loved ones
  • You give your energy, love and attention to others without filling up your own cup
  • You struggle with anxiety, over-thinking, worry or fears
  • You're ready to shift out of sadness, numbness or depression 
  • You want to let go of frustration, anger or irritability
  • You struggle with maintaining motivation while working towards goals and desires
  • You feel you're living life for others and not connected to YOUR authentic path
  • You feel disconnected from yourself and don't feel empowered
  • You struggle with self-criticism, lack of self-love, comparison or low confidence
  • You feel fears, doubts or limiting beliefs are keeping you from taking action on your goals and desires
  • You look to others and/or outside things for fulfillment, love and/or validation


  • To find effective coping skills and practices to help shift these negative mind states
  • To develop a loving, self-accepting and healing relationship with yourself
  • To feel motivated and empowered in working towards personal goals
  • To access greater inner strength and inner fulfillment 
  • To start creating more abundance, success and magic in your life
  • To learn about spirituality and how it can help one heal, grow and thrive
  • To learn how to become your own self-healer
  • To become more positive, high-vibe and confident
  • To develop solid routines and rituals that immensely improve well-being and facilitate growth
  • To step into your personal power and start taking more control of your life 
  • To commit more to yourself, your healing and your growth
  • To access the magic of living each day with greater happiness and inner peace
  • To overcome fears, start ROCK'in your path and start living life with greater purpose and passion
  • To be part of an awesome, supportive female community who's like-minded and can grow together
Come join me and an amazing group of women in learning how working with and mastering the mind can shed emotional weight, shift past ways of living, allow you to step into your power and create a truly magical life!

NEXT PROGRAM START: Monday February 3, 2020
A 12-week online group coaching program for women wanting to take MORE CONTROL of their minds, emotions and their lives.

RELEASING and RISING ABOVE darkness, anxiety, stress and negativity so you can step into a life more aligned with your heart. Find greater inner peace, confidence and empowerment by learning how to create and live from a more radiant mind!
  • ​12 x weeks of PDF module teachings with weekly exercises and activities
  • ​Series of quick, 10-min videos for each weeks’ module teachings (if you learn best through video) + MP3 recordings of these (if you learn best by listening to audio, podcast style)
  • ​12 weekly live group coaching calls with Shawna to apply the skills to your life​ (replays posted if unable to make a call)
  • ​​15 downloadable MP3 Guided Meditations (that will be used throughout the program)
  • ​Video recordings of all healing practices used (+ step-by-step instructions of all my personal routines & practices)
  • VIP Facebook Group + 12 weeks of messaging support with Shawna 
  • ​Sisterhood Facebook group chat for daily motivation, inspiration and a community vibe (some past alumni's favourite part!)
Bonus module on teachings, reflection journal questions and guided meditations and practices to improve self-esteem and confidence.
Bonus module on how to further improve mood through diet and lifestyle changes!

For Niagara residents, as a Radiant Mind Academy participant, you receive any community classes that I offer, FREE for 3 months!

What you'll learn...

the most in-depth & transformative curriculum you'll ever see!


  • Introduction and how to be successful with this program
  • ​Identifying your true desires and the woman you want to be
  • ​The power of intention and prayer + guided practices
  • ​Learning your personality type and how you can use this to heal and grow
  • ​Using numerology and your life path number to your advantage
  • The science and theory of meditation and how it works
  • ​Myths of meditation, where people get stuck and how to overcome these
  • Learn to meditate and how to start an at-home practice
  • ​Deciding & committing to your own daily routines and practices - template, instructions & MP3 guided practices provided

  • Causes of mental, emotional and mood struggles (from a Western medical vs. Eastern spiritual perspective) 
  • ​What states like anxiety, depression, lack of fulfillment and stress mean from a spiritual perspective
  • ​Understanding how the mind works - conditioned beings based on past wounds (which are no longer serving you)
  • ​Identifying things from the past that need to be healed in order to step into your power and your light
  • ​​Journaling & reflection questions to provide insight & understanding towards your current challenges and situations

  • The science behind a strong, healthy and powerful mind
  • ​How thoughts & emotions affect our mood, behaviours and life choices and how to begin working with them to YOUR benefit
  • ​​How the energy of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours affects our mind, body, spirit and soul
  • ​How to work with your own energy to create a powerful mind and an improved life
  • ​Guided exercises and practices to SHIFT and train the mind from states of suffering to states that serve and empower you - inspired by a mix of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & spirituality

  • Understanding the meaning of your challenging & negative emotions
  • ​​​How to effectively work with these states to your benefit (instead of ignoring them or letting them rule you) 
  • ​Understanding how suppressed emotions (deeper emotions you're not addressing) affect your mind, body, soul, and your behaviours & choices 
  • ​How to release suppressed emotions for powerful healing, transformation and to shift sabotaging behaviours
  • ​How to work with states like anger, frustration, fear, worry, sadness & doubt
  • ​ Learning the powerful emotion release practice, EFT Tapping + Guided video tapping practices included!

  • ​What is Breathwork and how does it work for emotion release and transformation? (the science & theory)
  • ​Connecting with energy, altered states of consciousness & bliss through Breathwork
  • ​How to start an at-home breathwork practice + guided video instructions and guided practice
  • How to work with emotions and insights that come up through breathwork
  • ​How to use these insights to your benefit and to step into your power
  • ​How to combine breathwork, EFT tapping and meditation for deep release, healing & transformation

  • ​​Learn about the 7 energy centers of the body, the psychology behind them and how they relate to your past and your current physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • ​Personal Chakra Assessment - Find out which of your energy centers are excessive /deficient/need some love and how this relates to your emotions and struggles
  • ​How to SELF-HEAL the chakras
  • ​MP3 Guided Meditation to balance and heal the chakras + activities that heal and strengthen specific chakras

  • ​What is spirituality and why is it important?
  • ​How adopting spiritual perspectives & practices can heal & empower the mind, spirit and soul
  • ​How spirituality can provide grounded-ness, greater inner peace and greater inner fulfillment 
  • ​What living a spiritual life means and how it can help alleviate things like anxiety, depression, fear, procrastination, irritability and worry.
  • ​My 4 favourite and most effective spiritual practices for healing - MP3 and video practices included

  • ​​​**Past alumni's favourite and most powerful module!
  • ​​Introduction of a new theory (Internal Family Systems) which helps to understand and work with your mind, thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • ​Explore wounded parts of your psyche that are limiting you, affecting your behaviours and keeping you small 
  • ​​Learn how to be-friend & work with your wounded personalities to your advantage and heal past wounds
  • ​Connecting with your true, confident self and learning how to have this self, lead your life
  • ​MP3 + video visualizations for working with your wounded personalities, past hurts and inner child

  • ​​A continuation of module nine and IFS work...
  • ​Explore your limiting beliefs and how they're affecting your life
  • ​​Learn how to transform limiting beliefs in a compassionate and powerful way 
  • ​Learn how to combine techniques and skills for DEEPER emotional release and DEEPER HEALING
  • ​Practicing and improving your skills so that YOU are your own SELF-HEALER 

  • How to find greater purpose and passion in life
  • ​​Exploring a path that's aligned with your soul - what do you ACTUALLY want to be doing?
  • ​How to use your gifts, strengths and creativity in the world and where to start
  • ​How to live in service to others and an improved world
  • BONUS SECTION: ​How to create a successful side business/passion project from the HEART - my steps and resources provided, how to start, what worked/what didn't

  • ​Understanding the science and theory behind law-of-attraction (LOA)
  • ​Getting CLEAR on what you DO want in your life
  • ​Learn how to practice LOA and how to attract the things you desire into your life
  • ​Why practicing LOA also helps alleviate anxiety, depression and negativity
  • Guided exercises and MP3 Law-of-Attraction meditations included so you can start MANIFESTING!

  • ​Putting the WISDOM all together
  • ​Reflecting on which exercises and practices were most effective for you
  • ​Creating a personalized plan to stay aligned
  • Dreams and plans for the future: exploring next steps and goals related to who you are now
  • ​Closing circle but sustaining sisterhood <3


Radiant Mind Academy is an application-based program.

To learn more about the program and to discover if it'd be a good fit for you, book a free consult call with me below.



Alumni Reviews

You got questions? I got answers!

Will I get instant access to the program?
Yes, when you join Radiant Mind Academy, you'll get instant access into the program and all the guided practices so you can start right away.

What are the weekly group coaching calls for?
Weekly group coaching calls are your opportunity to ask questions and work on applying the skills to your life. On these calls, I offer my feedback and suggestions on how to put the material to practice and we fill out/complete some of the homework together! Previous participants have found that the weekly calls better keep them on track, clarify the material, get them thinking outside the box and they're insightful, enlightening and fun!

Do I have to make the full 60-minute call?
No, feel free to drop in for 20-30 minutes to have your questions answered or stay longer to more thoroughly apply the skills, do some exercises and chat about the material.

What if I can't make a weekly group coaching call?
No worries - all calls will be re-posted in the Facebook group so can watch when you have time. There's also coaching videos of all the material already on the program page. These can be watched as lecture style to clarify material and see how skills were applied with other participants. You can also use the Facebook group, group chat to catch up and ask any questions.

What if I don't want to be on video?
Also not a problem! On Zoom you have the option to tune in via video or just with audio. You can also turn your camera off and just ask questions through the chat.

Will I be able to continue the work once the program is done?
YES! This is highly encouraged and a huge bonus of the program. Once a part of the Radiant Mind Academy tribe, you'll always be part! You can continue to be part of the Facebook communities and you can keep joining the weekly calls at your leisure (whaaaaat?!)...yep! This is to keep you learning, healing, growing, motivated and INSPIRED.
BScKin, BScN, RN, CPMH(C) & Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – McMaster University 
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Trent University 
  • ​Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Certification - Canadian Nurses Association; 6 years experience as a mental health nurse
  • ​Certified Meditation Facilitator – Naturality, Hamilton (in association with Yoga Alliance, Canada) 
  • ​Level 1 & 2 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certification - AAMET International
  • ​Level 1 & 2 Reiki + 35 hr Hands of Light Energy Healing Training - Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
  • ​Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Fundamentals Program – University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • ​Yoga.Psyche.Soul - 120hr Yoga Speciality Certificate on the Psychology of Yoga - Ashley Turner (MA,LMFT)
  • ​Breathe to Heal - with Max Strom & Traumatic Stress and the Breath Program - with Jane Clapp 
New to my community? Read more about me on my website or Instagram
  • ​To teach you​ solid​ ​foundational knowledge, practices and skills​ that will create a RADICALLY different mind which sets you on route towards a RADICALLY different life.
  • ​ To have you form a sacred relationship with YOURSELF and SPIRIT that will provide on-going love, comfort, guidance and bliss - your true inner source of RADIANCE.
  • ​To release darkness, negativity and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and KEEPING YOU SMALL.
  • ​To awaken and bring forth your true LIGHT, LOVE & POWER so you can step into the woman you’re meant to be.
  • ​ Be there to support you when the shit comes up, and have enlightening and supportive discussions to keep you moving forward!
  • ​ Hold space for you as you remember your power, claim your soul’s calling, and rise into your greatness

More Client Love

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for my entire adult life and things took a turn for the worse a few years ago. Since then I had been seeing various doctors and psychiatrists and been placed on medication, but I never felt truly comfortable in a session until I began the program with Shawna. She made me feel comfortable and helped me to open up in ways I hadn't really been able to in previous sessions. Her background in CBT and mindfulness/meditation techniques allowed her to zero in on many of the thought patterns that combined to cause me so much trouble in my everyday life. With Shawna's help, I have a clear life goal in my sights and am currently taking steps to achieve it, while keeping in mind all that I learned from my time in Be Free. Shawna is a lovely person and I feel very lucky to have been able to work with her to help get myself back on track. Thanks so much, Shawna! 
Kendra, (age 29)
“I approached Be Free for private coaching because I was struggling with anxiety, worry and depression. Be Free helped me open up to the fact that ultimately, it was up to me and I needed to decide what it was that I wanted out of my life. The self-reflection that I did allowed me to realize my strengths and to work hard to improve and overcome my weaknesses. Be Free helped me gain the tools to live a more positive life. Be Free helped me realize there is a different way of life. A healthy way.”
Hannah, (age 36)
“I started seeing Shawna for issues related to anxiety / depression and general life issues after attempting therapy with many, many therapists, counsellors, social workers, physicians and specialists for over twenty years. I found her online and liked what I saw, a mixture of traditional CBT and practices involving more eastern philosophies such as mindfulness, meditation etc. Shawna has been instrumental in using these techniques to address my long standing issues. I have done CBT many times in the past but really never understood the concept. With her approach, I have found it so easy to understand and it has been invaluableto address everyday life issues. In terms of mindfulness and meditation, I have also been amazed at how intuitive Shawna is, always knowing when I need to be brought back to the present. I use meditation daily on Shawna’s advice which has given me incredible insight and peace. I can’t express how grateful and lucky I am to have found Ms. Thibodeau and fully intend to keep her on as a permanent member of my “life success” team.”
Seana, (age 42)
“I absolutely adored my time in private counseling with Shawna. I had initially approached her as a result of many personal issues and she was quick to make me feel at ease and completely comfortable with her. Through the sessions I was able to build on tools which helped me connect with myself on a deeper level and began to realize the root of my negative thinking and feelings. Discovering these enabled us to begin working on ways to challenge the anxiety, stress, irritability and worrying I had gotten so accustomed to. The personal binder and informational documents Shawna has created provide you with a wealth of information with helpful activities, further education suggestions and thoughtful lessons. I feel especially in today's age of instant gratification, materialism and the stigma on mental health what Shawna is offering is becoming increasingly important. She provided me with realistic solutions to the problems I was facing and as a result I am able to feel healthier, more mindful and happy!”
Jennifer, (age 24)
“I started seeing Shawna regarding my lack of self love, relationship issues and over all lack of passion for life. Since completing our sessions together, I have felt more motivated and more adventurous. It is obvious that Be Free has given me the proper skills to live a healthier and more meaningful life.”
Erin, (age 20)
“Private counselling with Shawna has been a very positive, eye opening, and educational experience. Her content has taught me the concepts of cognitive distortions and core beliefs, and how mine and those of others can come into play each and every day. I am now more mindful of these and know how to deal with them more effectively. Shawna has emphasized the importance of, and how to self-reflect to stay on a path that is honest to me. She is there for guidance, but strongly attempts not to tell you what to do. Shawna has helped me face and breakdown large goals into smaller tasks. I have found her easy to relate to and accommodating. It has done wonders for me to have a neutral party to share adversities and dreams with and seek advice and fresh perspectives from. She has given me tangible tools to utilize in the present and into the future. If you are feeling stuck or lost, I strongly recommend reaching out to her. It is an investment in your future that you will not regret!”
Sadie, (age 25)


Radiant Mind Academy is an application-based program.

To learn more about the program and to discover if it'd be a good fit for you, book a free consult call with me below.



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